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4 Different Nail Shapes You Should Consider

If you’ve got an upcoming appointment at the nail salon, you may have already considered what color polish to get. However, what about your nail shape? This aspect can subtly alter how your hands look. The guide below looks at some of the most popular options.

What Different Nail Shapes Can I Choose?

1. Stiletto

Stiletto nails are very long and pointed. They are often achieved with quality adhesive or press-on nails. Bold and striking, they’re ideal for making a statement and embracing your fearlessness. As such, they often work well in bold colors with glitter or patterns for a stand-out fashion accessory. If you want to be an eye-catcher at a big party or event, stilettos are the option for you.

2. Almond

Almond nails are like stilettos but dialed back. They taper to a rounded tip and require somewhat long nails to achieve a natural look. They may be more subdued and practical than stilettos, but they’re still glamorous, especially when paired with a glittery polish or intricate pattern. They also help make your hands look slimmer and your fingers longer. This option is pretty and pleasantly noticeable—while still practical.

3. Round

Rounded nails are understated, short, and easy to maintain. The tips barely cover the end of the fingers and are gently filed to a curved shape. They’re ideal for those with brittle nails, who bite their nails, or who want to keep their nails short. They have a more professional appearance and are easy to work with. Choose classic pinks, reds, or blues for a subtle look, or go bold with bright yellow, rusty orange, or glittering purple. However, complex designs can make them look crowded or out of proportion.

4. Square

Square nails are also short and professional, but the tips are flattened into a square shape for extra personality and edge. They suit bold reds and oranges and French tips. Their profile also gives a little more surface area for patterns or designs.

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