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Diane T. Brown LLC

Art of Healing Touch, Licensed Massage Therapist

Hello! My name is Diane Brown and am a licensed massage practitioner for over 30 years. Being an Arizona native, I love to kayak, swim, hike, art, painting and ceramics. I also love attending concerts and spending time with my kids. I am Arizona State Alumni, and my daughter and her husband are as well. I have 2 adult children, my oldest son, Thomas, works as a real estate broker in the East Valley, and is currently getting married to his long-time girlfriend in October 2020. My daughter Jacquelyn was recently married in February 2019 to her Husband Joshua, and she is working towards being a police officer in the Phoenix area. I have two cats named Bubba and Ty who are brothers and act like dogs and they have unconditional love for me.

I started a business called Art of Healing Touch, L.L.C. in 1992. I have worked for 3 chiropractors, 2 salons, and 1 gym. I have many modalities which go from medical treatments to spa techniques. However, I am no longer currently doing deep tissue massages. My spa treatments include the use of hot stones or towels. I am intuitive when it comes to energy work, using tuning forks and have a deep passion for what I do. Namaste!

Phone: (480) 695-0051

Salon: (480) 558-5143 Ext #: 403

Massage Therapies

  • Relaxation Massage (1 Hour)  $80
  • *Sport Massage (1 Hour)  $85
  •  Upper Body Therapeutic Treatment (1 Hour)  $125
  • *Tibetan Massage (1.5 Hour)  $125
  • *Japanese Hot Stone (1.5 Hour)  $150
  • *Thai Yoga (1.5 Hour)  $125
  • Reflexology (Foot Massage) (30 Min.)  $45
    • Regular or with Stones or Paraffin
  • Lymphatic Treatment (2 Hours)  $225

Packages & Specials

  • Lymphatic Package (Deal of One Per Week for 5-Weeks) $900
  • Royal Package (Mini Facial, Massage, & Paraffin Treatment)  (1.5 Hour)  $120
  • Birthday Special (Mini Facial, Reflexology, Full Body Massage) (1 Hour)  $65

Gift Certificates Available

*=increased price for larger men

*= the service could take longer than expected

Monthly client discounts available

Fee on use of card. Check or cash preferred