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3 Reasons You Need Regular Haircuts

Frequent haircuts are an integral part of an effective hair management routine—especially if you want thick, healthy locks. Your hairdresser has likely told you that getting a haircut every six to eight weeks is a good idea, and there are a number of reasons why you should stick to that rule. Here's everything you need to know about the importance of regular cutting—and why, if you haven't had your tresses trimmed in a while, you should make an appointment at your local salon right away.

Why You Should Get a Haircut on a Regular Basis

1. Maintain Your Style

Some haircuts and shapes are more manageable than others. It's critical to get a trim more regularly than the typical person if you have a high-maintenance hairdo, such as bangs or a short bob. If not properly maintained, these styles can soon lose their shape or intended impression. Short hairdos should be cut every four weeks, and bangs should be cut every two weeks to keep them looking fresh and healthy.

2. Remove Split Ends

The longer you go without a haircut, the more the ends of your hair will weaken and split over time. This is especially true for people who use hair color or highlights. When the ends of your strands split, the hair separates from the shaft, resulting in frizzy, uneven, and thin ends. Split ends are inescapable, even if you take excellent care of your tresses, but regular haircuts at your hair salon will keep them under control and your hair healthy and developing.

3. Reduce Damage

A good haircut can help restore the healthy sheen that you're seeking if your hair is frizzy, damaged, or unruly. Haircuts aren't just about trimming the ends; many hairdressers also offer sheering for thick hair and layering to add volume to finer hair. Regular trims help fix existing damage and keep future problems at bay, and they often have the pleasant side effect of leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

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