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    Allison Bundy Nail Technician

    Allison has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years as an Esthetician and Nail Technician.

    Originally from California, she spent 10 years as an Esthetics instructor.

    She has a passion for pedicures and for making people's feet feel better.

    "I believe in judgement free services. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful."

    She loves being a part of the beauty industry and looks forward to building relationships with her clients for years to come.

    Along with nail services, she also provides facial waxing services.

    When not at the salon, she spends her time in San Tan Valley with her husband, son, cat and 2 crazy dogs.

    Phone: (818) 748-7816

    Salon: (480) 558-5143 Ext #: 103

    Cost of Services:


    • Classic Manicure $25
    • Manicure with Paraffin $32
    • Gel Manicure $40
    • Structure Gel Manicure $45
    • Acrylic Full Set $40
    • Acrylic Fill $30
    • Full Coverage Nails $50
    • Pedicure Regular Polish $45
    • Gel Pedicure $50
    • Men's Pedicure $40
    • Removal of Artificial Nails $20
    • Paraffin Wax $7
    • French $5
    • Nail Art $3/nail
    • Polish Change/ Removal $15

    Waxing Services

    • Brow $15
    • Lip $7
    • Chin $8
    • Cheeks $15
    • Full Face (including brows) $40
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  • Diane  Self Photo
    Diane Self Hairstylist & Nail Technician

    Diane became licensed in 1995. She completed her education at Safford College of Beauty. Diane likes to mix it up by offering hair and nail services! Through the years she has continued her education in hair color, razor cutting, various product lines, and extensions. On the nail side, Diane specializes in acrylic and gel enhancements, gel polish, and abstract nail art.

    “I try to educate the up-and-coming Nail Technicians. It has been a goal of mine to teach what I have learned over the years. As a Cosmetologist, you never stop learning!” Working towards her goals, Diane has become an Educator for NUBAR Cosmetics and INM Products.

    Phone: (928) 965-2538

    Salon: (480) 558-5143 Ext #: 104

    Cost of Services:

    Cuts and Styles

    • Women’s Haircut $50
    • Men’s Haircut $50
    • Shampoo/Style/Set $40
    • Bang Trim $10

    Hair Color

    • Single Process Color (all over color) $130+
    • Regrowth Touch-Up $95+
    • Partial Highlights $130+
    • Mini Partial Highlights $80+
    • Full Highlights $150+
    • Toners $40+


    • Specialty colors: Ombre,Balayage, etc (Upon Consultation) $170+
    • Perms (Upon Consultation) $100+

    Extensions (Cost of Hair Not Included)

    • KTIPS  Varies
    • FTIPS  Varies
    • Wefts Varies

    Artificial Nail Enhancements

    • Acrylic Overlays w/ Tips or Sculpts  $80
    • One Tone Acrylic Tips or Sculpts  $55
    • Two Tone Acrylic Tips or Sculpts  $65
    • Designer Nails (3 Color, Swarovski Rhinestones, Stilettos, Abstract Decoration)  $80+
    • Acrylic Fill  $55+
    • Acrylic Backfill  $50
    • Repairs Each (2 Included in Fill)  $4
    • Gel Full Set Tips (clear)  $80
    • Gel Fill  $55+
    • Repairs (2 Included in Fill)  $5
    • Gel Enamel Application  $30
    • Gel Enamel Change $25+

    Nail Extras

    • Removal of Artificial Nails  $30
    • Polish Change  $20
    • Nail Art  $10+

    *Prices are subject to increase for services that require more time than allotted.

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  • Katie  Hares Photo
    Katie Hares Nail Artist

    Katie has a few years of experience in the nail industry, she painted her own nails with the 1000 bottle indie polishes she collects. She has been collecting indie brand polishes since 2012. She did just basic nail art but it’s where she got her start. Katie decided nursing wasn’t her thing anymore and went to Nail Technician school in 2022 although new to nails she loves the Japanese/ Korean nail and beauty fashion world and loves the glitz and glam of all things nails.

    Katie is originally from Michigan and moved out to Flagstaff in 2012 where her husband practiced medicine and then to Santan Valley where she calls it home away from home in 2017. She loves what Arizona has to offer and enjoys hiking, walking and site seeing. Katie also has a passion for crocheting making soap and all things for the body and cuticle care.

    She has 2 wonderful children a son Gabriel and a daughter Rosalie, 3 dogs a tortoise and 5 parakeets. She loves the color pink, loves life and all things girly. She is full of smiles and is extremely passionate about anything she loves to do. She is very happy to be in the nail industry and is looking forward to connecting with all her clients and letting her creativity flow though onto their nails.

    Phone: (928) 814-9722

    Salon: (480) 558-5143 Ext #: 105

    Cost of Services:

    • Regular Polish Manicure- 35$
    • Gel Polish Manicure- 40$
    • Structured Gel Mani/Overlay- 45$
    • Structure Gel Mani/Overlay Fill- 40$
    • Structured Gel Extensions, Depending on length-75$
    • Dip Powder on Natural Nails-40$
    • Gel-X (Full Cover Tips)- 50$
    • Polygel Full Set- 50$
    • Acrylic Full Set, Short- 40$
    • Acrylic Full Set, Medium- 45$
    • Acrylic Full Set, Long- 50$
    • Dry Manicure No Polish- 30$
    • Dry Pedicure No Polish-35$
    • Regular Polish Pedicure- 40$
    • Gel Polish Pedicure- 45$
    • Polish Change Gel-30$
    • Polish Change Regular Polish- 25$
    • Soak Off / Removal- 15$
    • Gems / Charms- 2$-8$ Per Stone Depending On Quality
    • Fix / Repair- 15$
    • Nail Art Per 30 Minutes- 5-10$ per finger
    • Parafin Wax Treatment / Massage - 15$
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  • Tara  Coté Photo
    Tara Coté Owner, Nail Artist, Certified Body Sculptor, Teeth Whitening Specialist & Permanent Makeup Artist
    Tara is a classic perfectionist. “I guess you can say that I am a classic over-achiever because I am always trying to make what I am doing better. When my clients walk out that door, I want their nails to be my business card.” After beauty school, she applied herself and quickly accepted opportunities to be on the Tomcat Competition Team and also become an Educator for Entity Beauty after only being licensed for a year and a half.

    As a firm believer in never having too much education, she now helps other nail artists, especially students, to realize their dreams and potential. “The crucial variable of turning knowledge into values is creativity, and that is what we as nail artists do…we create, and that is a prospect worth pursuing.

    Phone: (480) 225-3683

    Salon: (480) 558-5143 Ext #: 101

    Cost of Services:

    Ultrasonic Lipo & RF Skin Tightening Treatment

    • Bum Only $150
    • Thighs Only (Front & Back) $250
    • Lower Back $200
    • Full Back $350
    • Arms $120
    • Tummy & Love Handles $250
    • Tummy, Love Handles, & Lower Back $350
    • Bum & Back of Thighs $350
    • Bum, Back of Thighs, & Lower Back $450
    • Lower Body Package $475
      • Inner Thighs, Outer Thighs, Top of Thighs, Back of Thighs, Bum
    • RF Face, Neck, Décolleté Area $120
    • Revitapen Pro $175 ea or $550 for 4-pack
    • Glow and Behold RF and Revitapen combo $250 ea or $800 for 4-pack
    • HIFEM Solo Treatment $100
    • HIFEM Solo Package of 4 $300
    • HIFEM Add-On (Any Ultrasonic Cavitation Session) $75

    Permanent Makeup Services

    • Lip Blushing $400
    • Nano Brows $400
    • Ombre Brows $375
    • Nano Ombre Combo Brows $450
    • Breast Augmentation Scar Camouflage $300
    • Breast Lift Scar Camouflage $500
    • 3D Areola Reconstruction $550
    • Tummy Tuck Scar Camouflage $750
    • Stretch Marks & Scar Camouflage $200/hr
    • Face Lift Scar Camouflage $400
    • Inkless Stretch Mark Revision $150/hr
    • RF Skin Tightening (for Scars & Stretch Marks) $120

    Teeth Whitening Services

    • 60 minute initial whitening - $200
    • 30 min touch-up - $60
    • Package of 4 Quarterly 30 min touch-ups - $150
    • Package of 12 Monthly 20 min touch-ups - $400

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