• Diane  Self Photo
    Diane Self Hairstylist & Nail Technician

    Diane became licensed in 1995. She completed her education at Safford College of Beauty. Diane likes to mix it up by offering hair and nail services! Through the years she has continued her education in hair color, razor cutting, various product lines, and extensions. On the nail side, Diane specializes in acrylic and gel enhancements, gel polish, and abstract nail art.

    “I try to educate the up-and-coming Nail Technicians. It has been a goal of mine to teach what I have learned over the years. As a Cosmetologist, you never stop learning!” Working towards her goals, Diane has become an Educator for NUBAR Cosmetics and INM Products.

    Phone: (928) 965-2538

    Salon: (480) 558-5143 Ext #: 104

    Cost of Services:

    Cuts and Styles

    • Women’s Haircut $45
    • Men’s Haircut $25
    • Children’s Cut (12 and under) $25
    • Shampoo/Style/Set $40
    • Bang Trim $10

    Hair Color

    • Single Process Color (all over color) $95+
    • Regrowth Touch-Up $85+
    • Partial Highlights $100+
    • Mini Partial Highlights $80+
    • Full Highlights $150+


    • Specialty colors: Ombre,Balayage, etc (Upon Consultation) $100+
    • Perms (Upon Consultation) $100+

    Extensions (Cost of Hair Not Included)

    • Remmylocks Weft Application  $250
    • Remmylocks Maintenance (Tightening) $150+

    Artificial Nail Enhancements

    • Acrylic Overlays w/ Tips or Sculpts  $70
    • One Tone Acrylic Tips or Sculpts  $55
    • Two Tone Acrylic Tips or Sculpts  $65
    • Designer Nails (3 Color, Swarovski Rhinestones, Stilettos, Abstract Decoration)  $80+
    • Acrylic Fill  $45
    • Acrylic Backfill  $50
    • Repairs Each (2 Included in Fill)  $4
    • Gel Full Set Tips (clear)  $70
    • One Tone Glitter or Gel  $70
    • Two Tone Glitter or Gel  $75
    • Designer Gel  $75
    • Gel Fill  $50
    • Gel Backfill  $50
    • Repairs (2 Included in Fill)  $5
    • Gel Enamel Application  $30

    Nail Extras

    • Removal of Artificial Nails  $30
    • Polish Change  $20
    • French Polish Application  $20
    • Nail Art  $5+

    *Prices are subject to increase for services that require more time than allotted.

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  • J'Nae  Harris Photo
    J'Nae Harris Hairstylist

    Hi, my name is J’Nae, I am a cosmetologist that specializes in women’s highlights and blondes but I love everything! Cuts, colors, and styles on women, men, and children! I have been a licensed cosmetologist since 2011 but have been doing hair long before I even knew being a hairdresser would be my lifelong career. I have done hair in Arizona, Wyoming, and Montana, and I am huge on keeping up with the new trends and times. I pride myself on doing continuous education whether it's online or traveling to hair shows.

    I became a Lanza Healing Stylist about 3 years ago and have never looked back since! For those who haven’t heard of Lanza, it has been a game-changer in my career. Lanza is made from the finest wild-crafted botanicals from sustainable forests, jungles, and woodlands throughout the world.


    Phone: (928) 951-0149

    Salon: (480) 558-5143 Ext #: 205


    Cost of Service


    • Shampoo, Cut & Style $45
    • Long/Thick Haircut & Style $60
    • Kid's Cut (12 and Under) $25
    • Men's Cut $25
    • Haircut with Color $30


    • All Over Color $105+
    • Root Touch Up $85+
    • Balayage $150+
    • Partial Highlight $100+
    • Full Head Highlight $125+
    • Toner/Glaze $50+
    • Root Smudge/2nd Color $20
    • Color Correction $70/hr

    Hair Extensions (Price of Hair Not Included)

    • Extension Install $220+
    • Extension Touch Up $115+

    Other Services

    • Keratin Healing Treatment $45
    • Shampoo & Style $30


    • Brow $15
    • Lips $15
    • Chin $15
    • Full Face $35
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  • Yvonne  Adkison Photo
    Yvonne Adkison Hairstylist

    Yvonne grew up in the small town of Homer Alaska, where her dream had always been to become a hairstylist!

    She started cosmetology school in 2010 at Academy of Hair Technology in Greenville South Carolina, where she became licensed.

    She is co-owner of Beyond the Mirror Salon in Fairbanks, Alaska which opened Jan 2019. She also holds an Alaska cosmetology instructors license. Doing hair has always been her passion. She loves the creativity involved, the industry, helping people find their confidence and feel beautiful. As well as the special relationships she’s formed with clients over the years. She specializes in balayage, vivids, extensions and men’s cuts. Primarily using Goldwell color, as well as Guy Tang and Pulp Riot. She is a firm believer in the importance of continued education, therefore is ever learning and growing as a stylist.

    She recently made the big move to Arizona to follow her dreams and the sunshine! Currently holding both Arizona and Alaska cosmetology license, she plans to continue managing her salon remotely, returning North periodically to serve her regular clients.

    When she's not in the salon, she loves spending her time outside - hiking, camping, or just exploring and capturing the beauty of her surroundings with photography. She is passionate about traveling, helping others and spending time with her family and close friends. Yvonne is thrilled to offer her unique skillset to her clients here as she grows as a member of the community.

    Phone: (907) 299-5123

    Salon: (480) 558-5143 Ext #: 204

    Book Online:

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  • Emmy  Perry Photo
    Emmy Perry Hairstylist

    Emily (Emmy) Perry has been in the salon business since 2002, licensed in both Arizona (2002) and California (2008). She specializes in the art of coloring, cutting, extensions, and keratin straightening treatments, and teaching her clients how to best achieve their new style so they can look salon fabulous every day. 

    Emmy is the owner of The Remy Method Hair Extensions and uses customized installation methods to meet each client's hair needs for the healthiest and most natural look. 

    Emmy continues her training as often as possible to stay on top of the newest freshest trends. "I love my career and my clients! I get to make people look and feel beautiful every day!

    Phone: (928) 951-1327

    Salon: (480) 558-5143 Ext #: 203

    Cost of Services:

    Haircuts- Shampoo Blow Dry Included

    • Short to Medium $45
    • Extra Length or Thick $65
    • Men (Not Accepting New Male Clients) $35
    • Hot Tool Styling Added to Haircut + $10-$30
    • Haircut (Added to Chemical Service) + $10-$30

    Color Service

    • Color Retouch $125+
    • All Over Color - Short $125+
    • All Over Color - Medium $135+
    • All Over Color - Long $145+
    • Partial High/Lowlight & Tones Retouch $145+
    • Retouch & Tone $125+
    • Full High/Lowlight & Tonets $165+
    • Full Retouch & Tone $165+
    • Balayage, Foilage, Specialty Color (Requires Consultation) $185+
    • Additional Color Charge + $10/ounce mixed

    Hair Extensions (Price of Hair Not Included)

    • Up to 3 Wefts - New Installation $275
    • Up to 3 Wefts - 6-8 Weeks Maintenance $175
    • Up to 4 Wefts - New Installation $300
    • Up to 4 Wefts - 6-8 Weeks Maintenance $200
    • Consultations FREE


    • Keratin Straitening $150+
    • Deep Conditioning Service $45+


    • Eyebrows $15
    • Lip $15
    • Chin $15
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  • Candy  Powell Photo
    Candy Powell Hairstylist

    Candy has been a hair stylist for many many years. "I have loved doing hair for as long as I can remember, and I still do!" Candy has been licensed in Arizona, California and Utah. Her passion is doing sassy short cuts with lots of texture. Candy also loves performing all color services ... and yes ... she still does perms! She stays current by taking classes, both in person and online. She also learns a lot by watching and talking to her colleagues.

    Phone: (801) 209-0821

    Salon: (480) 558-5143 Ext #: 207

    Booking: Call/Text (801) 209-0281

    Cost of Services


    • Women's Hair Cuts (Includes Shampoo & Blow Dry) $35
    • Blow Style w/ Curling Irons $30
    • Long Hair $35+
    • All Over Color $70
    • Root Touch-Up $60
    • Partial Highlights $60+
    • Full Highlights $85+
    • Balayage $120+
    • Short Hair Perm (Includes CTC & Style) $80
    • Long Hair Spiral Perm $95+
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  • Allison  Martin Photo
    Allison Martin Hairstylist

    Allison has been in the beauty industry for ten years now, well 21 years if you count all the time she spent as a young child hiding in her room cutting her Barbie Doll’s hair, cutting a friend’s hair from school, or making someone over in her bathroom. “I have loved the beauty industry for as long as I can remember, but it was always so much more to me than just a ‘haircut or color’. I put my heart and soul into every client that sits in front of me. I was born to create. I am a part of a pristine wedding company that has been recognized by The Knot for multiple years. If I am not creating new cuts and colors in the salon, I am creating new makeup and hairstyles for weddings and photo shoots. Aside from my career, my husband and children are my world. We spend most of our days outdoors in beautiful Queen Creek at the mountains, or riding horses at the ranch down the street.

    Phone: (480) 440-9164

    Salon: (480) 558-5143 Ext #: 210

    Costs of Services

    Hair Color

    • All Over Color $80
    • Root Retouch (Includes Gloss) $65
    • Partial Highlights/Low $75+
    • Full Highlights/Low $100+
    • Balayage/Ombre Starting At (Consult Needed For New Clients) $125+
    • Toner $25


    • Women's Haircut (Wash/Style Included) $45
    • Men's Haircut (Wash/Style Included) $27
    • Children’s Cut (12 & Under) (Wash/Style Included) $20
    • Haircut With Color Service $30


    • Updo's $75
    • Downstyle $75
    • Half Up $75
    • Bridal Style $125
    • Bridal Hair Trial $85

    Other Services

    • Conventional Makeup (Lashes Included) $85
    • Bridal Makeup (Lashes Included) $150
    • Airbrush Makeup (Lashes Included) $165
    • Bridal Makeup Trial $100

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  • Amy  Ortiz-Lavia Photo
    Amy Ortiz-Lavia Hairstylist
    Amy Ortiz is native to the beautiful state of Arizona and resides in the Chandler/Gilbert area. Amy is passionate about the art of Hair Design and has been a Hairstylist since 1997. To further educate and inspire she enjoys attending various cutting and color classes. She enjoys working with Moroccan Oil, J Beverly Hills, Goldwell and Matrix products.

    Amy’s goal is to tailor individual, unique, and personalized beauty for each guest. She prides herself in offering great prices, and maintainable services.

    Your input is always welcome bring your ideas to achieve your desired look. Amy’s goal is to earn your confidence and keep you looking your best from appointment to appointment. Amy provides haircut services for children men and women of any length and texture. Anything from simple trim to a glamorized, trendy modern makeover do!

    Enhance your hairstyle by adding some color! Amy enjoys all forms of color, she even has your back if you have those hard-to-cover greys! You may want to add some highlights and lowlights for maximum blending, or for creative color, or low maintenance accents, try a 7 foil or balayage!

    Amy even offers facial waxes! Get that silky-smooth healthy glow!

    Keep your hair nourished for optimal results with deep conditioning treatments!

    Get that hair shiny and straight! with Rusk thermal keratin straightening treatments!

    Accurate pricing done by personal consultation.

    New guests always welcome!

    Phone: (602) 430-2643

    Salon: (480) 558-5143 Ext #: 206


    Cost of Services:


    • Short (Like a Man) $40 
    • Medium $50
    • Long $60 
    • Shampoo Wash, Style or Curling Iron Set $40+


    • Cut $30
      • With Beard Trim $45+
    • Buzz Cut $20


    • Girls Cut $35
    • Girls Cut With Curling Iron Style $45
    • Boys Cut $25


    • Root Retouch $75+
    • Retouch & Ends $85+
    • Full Head Bleach $130+
    • 10 Foil $50+
    • Partial Foil $100+
    • Partial Foil W/ Root Retouch $115+
    • Full Foil $130+
    • Full Foil W/ Root Retouch $115+
    • Extra Color Bowl or Toner $10-$15

    *Does Not Include Haircut Cost*

    Perms, Curls, & Waves

    • Short Hair $95 (With or Without Haircut)
    • Long Hair $115+ (With or Without Haircut)
    • Smoothing Treatment $150+

    Lip, Brow, or Chin Waxing

    • $10 Each, or $15 Any Two, $20 for All Three

    Eyebrow Tint

    • Eyebrow Tint with Color Service Add $10
    • Eyebrow Tint Single Service $15
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  • Paula  Moore Photo
    Paula Moore Hairstylist
    As a licensed cosmetologist, Paula is loved by her clients for her artistry in hair. Whether you simply want a trim, to add some color, or a whole new style, Paula can get you the exact results you desire. Her welcoming personality will make you feel right at home and like you are meeting a new friend. In 2011, Paula went to The Studio Academy of Beauty to pursue her childhood dream of being a cosmetologist. She is married and has 3 Children. Paula is certified by Brazilian Blowout for Anti-Frizz Smoothing Treatment. She continues her passion to specialize as a colorist by Primary Syn Hair Color. Paula’s education never stops. Classes are attended frequently with detail in haircutting, men’s fades, color, relaxers, and elegant updos. Paula recently expanded her career to another level and became certified by Remmy Locks Hair Extensions.

    Paula is currently not accepting any new clients, but we'll keep you posted!

    Phone: (602) 502-2079

    Salon: (480) 558-5143 Ext #: 202

    Cost of Services:


    • Women’s Haircut (Shampoo & Blow Dry Style Included)  $40
    • Men’s Haircut (Shampoo & Blow Dry Style Included)  $25
    • Children  $15
    • Boys (9-16) (Shampoo & Blow Dry Style Included)  $15 / $25
    • Girls (9-16) (Shampoo & Blow Dry Style Included)  $15 / $25
    • Shampoo Blow Dry  $30
    • Deep Conditioning Treatment (With Any Service)  $25
    • Event Style  $50
    • Bridal Up-Do  $75
    • Bridal Up-Do with Trial  $135


    • Full Color/ Men’s Color $55+ / $30+
    • Delux Process (1-12 Foils) $75+
    • Partial Foil $80+
    • Full Foil $90+
    • Full Head Bleach $150+
    • Bleach Retouch $70+
    • Ombre / Balayage $140+


    • Waving $85+
    • Chemical Relaxer (Affirm) $65+
    • Brazilian Blowout $200+


    • Eyebrows $12
    • Lips $12
    • Chin $12
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  • Tammika  Carter Photo
    Tammika Carter Hairstylist

    Tammika Carter has been in the beauty industry for a little over 10 years. She was born & raised in Baltimore MD and recently moved to Arizona. Tammika is a licensed Sr. Cosmetologist in 2 states and a Hair Loss Practitioner , in which she received her certification at United Stated Trichology Institute and American Medical Certification Association . Within those 8 years, she was able to create her own hair care line, that caters to women and their individual style, in order to get the hair that makes them feel and look their best! "I assist women with hair loss issues and help them regrow their hair back. I have taken countless continuing education classes to stay up on the trends and wants of my customers."

    Phone: 602-475-6739

    Salon: (480) 558-5143 Ext #: 208

    Book Appointment:

    Cost of Service:


    • Virgin Relaxer $130+
    • Spot Relaxer (Shorter Hair) $80+
    • Retouch Relaxer $100+

    *Protein Treatment, Trim, & Silk Press/Wrap/Blowout Style Included*


    • All Over Color $100+ 
    • Double Process $160+
    • Glaze/Toner $40 Add On
    • Root Touch Up $40 Add On

    *Silk Press/Blowout Style Included in All Over Color & Protein Treatment & Sil Press/Blowout Style Included in Double Process.*

    Treatments (Add On)

    • Protein/Moisture $10
    • Steam Treatment $15

    Style & Finish

    • Shampoo & Wrap Set $70+
    • Signature Silk Press/Blowout $75+
    • Keratin Smoothing Blowout $150+
    • DreamCatchers Extensions $200+ (Hair Not Included)
    • Quick Weaves $100+

    *No longer taking new braid clients

    Hair Cuts

    • Women's Cuts (Style Included) $45
    • Men's Cuts (Style Included) $35

    Hair Loss Services (All Pricing is Done at Time of Consultation)

    • Consultation $50/30 minutes

    *Price of Consultation Will Go Towards Plan - Plans are 6-12 Months*

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  • Sarah  Martin Photo
    Sarah Martin Hairstylist
    Sarah has been a licensed cosmetologist since 1987. She received her education from Iowa School of Beauty in Des Moines, IA. She currently holds her license in Arizona as well as Iowa. Being in the industry for 33 years, Sarah has seen many trends come and go, but through it all, she believes firmly that the numerous continuing education classes she has taken will have given her the knowledge and ability to offer current hair services. 

    Sarah prides herself in quality work and communication. Her customers may start off simply as clients, but they leave as friends.

    Phone: (480) 694-6009

    Salon: (480) 558-5143 Ext #: 201

    Cost of Services:


    • Women's Haircuts $45
    • Men's Haircuts $28
    • Children's Haircuts $20
    • Wash & Style $28
    • Specialty Style (Current Clients Only) $50


    • All Over Color $75
    • Partial Highlight $85
    • Full Highlight $100
    • Color & Highlights $130

    Basic Perm

    • Specialty Wraps Additional $20
    • Extra Length Additional $10 - $20, $75


    • Eyebrow $12
    • Lip $12
    • Chin $12
    • Any Two Areas $20
    • Three Areas $25

    *Maintenance* Initial Application Last Up to 6 Months

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