5 Popular Nail Polish Styles

There are more nail polish options to choose from than ever. Whether you’re in the mood for a glittery look for your next night out or something a bit more reserved, there’s a type to suit any occasion. Before you head to the salon for your next manicure, consider these popular options.

What Nail Polish Should You Choose?

1. Matte

Matte nail polish has a flat finish that doesn’t reflect light. This polish style evokes sophistication and looks especially sleek with darker colors. It’s perfect for a work environment because it elevates your look without being a distraction. Because it can be tricky to apply, however, always opt for a professional manicure when you’re in the mood for matte.

2. Sheer

With a light finish that allows you to see the natural color of the nail beneath, sheer is a common choice for anyone seeking simplicity. Sheer polishes have less pigment than creme finishes, which offer deep color and a little shine. You’ll usually find sheer finishes in neutral tones and pale pinks. They’re best for people who want a natural look.

3. Metallic

Reflective metallic polishes are eye-catching and edgy. If you’re planning a special celebration, consider having your nails adorned with one of these polishes in a traditional metal hue, such as silver, gold, or bronze. Like matte, they require some expertise, so schedule a manicure for the right finish.

4. Glitter

Glitter polishes take metallic finishes a step further with even more flair. They have real flecks of glitter to reflect light and add a dazzling sparkle to your fingertips. Since they can easily snag and chip, however, they should always receive a top coat to seal the textured polish in.

5. Gel

If you’re looking for a manicure that lasts, consider gel polish. While it follows the same application process as standard polishes, it gets cured under a UV light to lock in the color. Finished results can last two to three weeks. Since the gel is extra durable, get it removed professionally to avoid damaging your nails.

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