4 Questions to Ask Your Hairstylist

The right stylist can transform your look and keep your skin and hair healthy. When building a relationship with your hairstylist, don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions. Communicating your uncertainties ensures you get a haircut you love and the care tips to maintain it at home. Ask the following questions the next time you go to the salon to pick the right hairdo for your needs.

What to Ask When Getting Your Hair Done

How do you choose a hairstyle?

As you explore the different options, your stylist will recommend complementing your face shape. There are five shapes: heart, oval, long, square, and round. The right haircut will showcase the best features.

Round faces will benefit from haircuts that extend below their chin to add length. It helps to have straight hair because curls and waves can make your face look wider. Long faces benefit from shorter hair and bangs that bring focus to the eyes. This will make your face look smaller, whereas long hair will only emphasize its length.

Square faces do well with curls or choppy ends that showcase the strong jawline, and heart-shaped faces will enjoy similar benefits when bangs bring attention to the eyes. If you have an oval face, you’re in luck; nearly all haircuts complement your face shape.

How should you care for your hair at home?

You want your hair to continue looking healthy, so wash it with a stylist-recommend shampoo every few days. You can use exfoliating products to keep your scalp and hair follicles healthy. If you dye your hair, maintain the color by avoiding harmful chemicals.

Go easy on heat; hair dryers, curlers, and straighteners will dehydrate and damage your hair. Also, use a quality conditioner several times a week to keep your hair smooth and looking great.

How do you care for extensions?

Hair extensions can drastically change your look without waiting years for your natural hair to grow. With proper care, they can last up to a year. Start by brushing them right away. Gather the hair into a bundle and brush it softly from the bottom and toward the root.

Only brush when they’re dry and use a wide-tooth comb or soft-bristled brush. Clean the extensions with a sulfate- and alcohol-free product that will keep them from drying out.

When should you book your next appointment?

You should see your hairstylist every eight weeks to have your hair maintained. This also ensures that you continue building a relationship with your stylist and that they can recommend hair care changes you may need to make.

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