4 Eyebrow Treatments & How They Work

If you're thinking about visiting a salon for an eyebrow treatment, you have various options to choose from. While most of these options are highly effective, it's essential to know how each treatment works to determine which one is right for you. Here are a few standard procedures to consider.

Which Eyebrow Treatment Is Right for You?

1. Microblading

With microblading, eyebrows are tattooed with fine needles to create the illusion of individual hairs. Different pigments can be used to match your hair and skin color, and the aesthetician can use heavy or light strokes depending on the brow thickness you want. The results are semipermanent, as they usually last between 12 and 18 months.

2. Nanoblading

Nanoblading is very similar to microblading, but the needles used during the procedure are even smaller. Smaller needles lead to greater precision, so this eyebrow treatment is excellent for filling in sparse areas of your existing brows. While it depends on the exact process used, nanoblading results can last as long as three years in some cases.

3. Powder

Also referred to as ombré brows, powder treatments work similarly to microblading and nanoblading. The major difference is in the type of device used, as powder brows are created with a digital device that draws in spots of pigment around your existing eyebrow hairs. This method is often used to pump up the fullness of eyebrows, much like using makeup to boost thickness. It typically lasts between one and three years, although touch-ups are necessary about four weeks after the first treatment.

4. Combo

A combo treatment involves microblading and a powder procedure simultaneously. This mix is ideal for people with very sparse brows or whose eyebrows currently lack definition. After the initial salon treatment, combo brows can last between 16 and 36 months.

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