When people think of perms, they often imagine the tight, huge curls popular during the 1980s. While the 80s were the indisputable peak of popularity for this hairstyle, it is making a comeback in the 21st century. However, the process recommended by your salon stylist today looks quite different from perms of the past, as the guide below discusses.

From the Early 1900s to the 1980s

Perms were popularized by iconic movies during the 80s that featured actresses with big, lustrous curls, but this style got its start many years earlier in Germany.

The process was invented by Karl Ludwig Nesser, a creative hairdresser who first tested the treatment on his wife. He used electrically-heated curlers to set the style in place semi-permanently. Although Nesser’s creation wasn’t well-received at first, he eventually moved to the United States and set up salons in several major cities. Even after losing his salon empire, he kept refining his methods while other stylists developed different ways to accomplish the same task.

Perms fell into obscurity during most of the early 1900s as women opted for short or straight hair. However, when the 80s began, people started embracing exaggerated styles, including big, curly hair. Tight, spiral curls that could be teased into huge coifs remained popular throughout the entire decade.

In the 21st Century

Since the start of the 21st century, perms have remained available in salons throughout the country, but they haven’t made a comeback until recent years. Now, new technology is allowing for a variety of different curl patterns.

For these new treatments, hairstylists are moving away from harsh chemical treatments and toward heat-based techniques that create the same results with less damage. For example, innovative salons now offer digital perms, which can create long, loose curls. There are also methods for producing tousled beach waves that aren’t uniform in size or shape.

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