How to Choose the Perfect Haircut Based on Your Face Shape

A good haircut frames and balances your features, resulting in a flattering and chic look. To find the perfect cut, you should consider your face shape, as it will determine the style that best complements your attributes. You can define it by tying the hair back, taking a selfie, and tracing the outline of the face. Use the following guide to find the right cut after discovering the shape it resembles most.

5 Face Shapes That Will Determine the Best Cut

1. Oval

When you have an oval face, its length exceeds the width, and the forehead is the widest point. It is well-balanced with a strong jawline. While almost any haircut is flattering for this shape, long layers, mid-shoulder waves, a blunt bob, or a side-swept pixie cut are the top options. Your natural hair part can help you decide on a specific style.

2. Square

A square face is nearly equal in width and length and characterized by a strong, angled jawline, broad forehead, and wide cheekbones. Opt for a cut that softens strongly defined features, such as a wavy shag with a feathery fringe or adding long layers with side-swept bangs. You can also balance out the squareness with side-parted styles.

3. Round

This shape is similar to a square form but with softer, more rounded features. The length and width ratio are almost equal, but the cheeks are most prominent. You can elongate the face and add definition with a choppy pixie cut or long layers that start around the jawline. However, avoid bobs and single-length cuts as they accentuate the roundness.

4. Heart

A heart shape will be similar to an inverted triangle, with a pointed chin, narrow jawline, broad forehead, and wide cheekbones. Bobs and lobs flatter your features as they add fullness around the jaw. You can also balance a broad forehead and narrow chin with a long, side-swept cut that draws eyes to the bottom half of the face.

5. Oblong

The forehead, cheeks, and jawline share a similar width with an oblong shape. However, the overall length is greater than the width, so avoid long styles that further elongate the face. You can disguise a sharp jaw and forehead with soft layers that enhance the cheekbones. Wavy or curly hairstyles will also help soften strong features. If you decide to add bangs, choose soft, rounded options instead of blunt ones.

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