Do's & Don'ts of Lash Extensions

Luscious lashes can highlight your eyes and create a beautiful, youthful appearance without the need for mascara. Whether you’re a professional makeup connoisseur or considering extensions for a special occasion, knowing how to care for the lashes will help you make the most of your new look. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to follow after a trip to the salon.


Maintain them.

Taking care of your natural lashes, as well as the artificial ones, will help the extensions look better and last longer. Consider using a quality eyelash serum or conditioner on the natural lashes to strengthen the extension’s foundation.

Use a sealant to keep the extensions fixed in place for longer. Brush with a makeup wand daily to remove kinks and preserve the shape.

Refill regularly.

Every two or three weeks, visit the salon to have the extensions filled in. Like natural lashes, the extensions will shed over time. Book the visits ahead of time to ensure they always look voluminous.


Get them wet.

Moisture and adhesives don’t mix. Avoid washing your face, taking a shower, or attending a hot yoga class for 24 to 48 hours after your lash appointment.

Water or sweat can reactivate the glue and cause the lashes to loosen or clump together. If the hairs get wet, fan them or use a hairdryer on a cool setting to dry them.

Touch them.

Resist the urge to touch or tug the extensions, as too much movement can damage the natural fibers and loosen the adhesive. A technician will remove all loose threads and replace them at your touch-up appointment. If you don’t want to continue wearing extensions, the technician can remove them safely and painlessly with a special solution.

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