A Guide to Perms for Men

A perm is a chemical or thermal process that changes your hair texture, creating waves or curls that can last up to 6 months. During the process, your hairstylist will wrap your hair in rods, apply a lotion, and let it sit for a few hours. Then, they’ll rinse it out and use a neutralizer that helps the strands keep the new shape and texture. If you’re thinking about experimenting with a new look, review this guide before heading to the salon.

Why Should You Get a Perm?

Perms have become increasingly popular among men. They work for a range of natural hair types. Whether your hair is naturally straight or wavy, a perm will give you a new look that you’ll want to show off.

If youfeel like your hair looks thin or limp, curly locks give added volume to your hair. They also provide a carefree look that can showcase your easy-going and lighthearted personality.

Whether you opt for loose waves or corkscrew curls, you won’t have to stand in front of the mirror for hours every morning to achieve your desired look. You can simply wash your hair and let it dry naturally, and it’ll look perfectly styled.

What Are Different Perm Hairstyles?

Loose Waves

If you’re looking for a new style without completely changing your entire appearance, start with some loose waves. They work with all hair lengths and create a casual but edgy look. To maximize the style, consider using a light hairspray to keep the strands in place.

Tight Curls

These well-defined curls create a bolder look, emphasizing the texture of your hair. This style requires a little more maintenance than loose waves, but it will attract attention and highlight your clean-cut aesthetic. Use a gel or pomade to define the curls and hold them together.

High Top Tapered Fade

If you don’t want to grow out your locks, this style will give you a new look without the wait. Low faded sides will highlight the perm on top, whether you opt for loose waves or tight curls. The fade will add some height while keeping your face looking slim.

Middle Part

This style works best with looser curls or waves and is ideal for medium to long hair. The hair on top falls to both sides of the face and perfectly frames your natural features. Depending on how you style it, this haircut can be clean and professional or casual and carefree. Play around with different products and see what works best for you.

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