A Guide to Hair Color Correction

You might have heard of color correction when it comes to movies or professional photo editing, but it’s also a common term in the hair care industry. Hair color correction is a rewarding process that leaves clients with a balanced shade that matches their complexion and taste. The following guide explains more about this service and its benefits.

What Is Hair Color Correction?

Color correction is an umbrella term for a process that includes various professional dyeing techniques. While the ultimate goal is to fix the color of your hair and create a cohesive look, it may involve everything from bleaching to toning. In between each step, there is usually a waiting period, during which the chemicals absorb into the hair and treat it. As a result, a color correction job can take around eight hours from start to finish.

What Are Some Problems Color Correction Can Solve?

Hair dye issues typically occur when attempting to lighten dark hair. As a result, some people end up with an unwanted brassy or yellow tone, while others get splotches or stripes. Professional color correctors can resolve any issue by cleaning the hair, bleaching the problem areas again, and then adding toner to neutralize the yellow or orange tones.

The toner will usually be a color that contrasts with the unwanted tone; for example, to cancel out yellow hues, the stylist will use a purple toner. In other cases, blondes who want to go darker may lack the warm yellow and red undertones present in naturally brown hair. Stylists can add in these vibrant hues to prevent the brown from looking dull.

Color correction is also helpful if you’ve dyed your hair a vibrant color in the past, such as purple or blue. If you used semi-permanent dye, the stylist can strip the remaining color from the hair and treat it accordingly. For example, faded blue hair can have green tones, and it may need to be neutralized with red tones to return as close to your natural shade as possible.

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