A Guide to Caring for Black Hair

You always want your hair to look and feel its best. For black men and women, this entails following a specific care routine and visiting a beauty salon that has experience caring for their tresses. This guide explains how to approach the topic of hair care and provides some simple tips to help you establish a healthy routine, no matter what style you prefer.

3 Tips to Keep Your Hair Looking Gorgeous

1. Perform Weekly Deep Conditioning

The natural oils in the scalp have a harder time traveling down heavily textured hair, which can leave it dry and brittle over time. As such, weekly deep conditioning is crucial for black hair, keeping your hair properly moisturized and healthy. There are plenty of products available on the market, but you can also use natural oils for the same purpose. For example, coconut oil penetrates deep into the hair to fortify it from the inside, while argan oil offers the added benefit of accelerating hair growth. When applying the moisturizing agent, be sure to massage it into your scalp to boost circulation.

2. Get to Know Protective Styles

Chemical treatments can be used to relax curls, but overuse of these treatments can contribute to breakage. Luckily, you can opt for protective styles, which safeguard your natural hair while also creating a hairdo you absolutely love. It's important to use protective styles regularly to give your hair a break from intense styling. Popular protective styles include twists, cornrows, and braids. These styles typically last weeks or longer, so you can enjoy them for a while after your appointment.

3. Only De-Tangle When Hair Is Wet

Issues with dryness can also leave your hair more vulnerable to breakage. That's why you should only detangle your hair while it is wet, as the moisture makes the hair suppler and less likely to break. It's best to use a wide-tooth comb when de-tangling, as it's less likely to tug on the hair. You should also be gentle if you encounter a particularly tough spot. To make the experience even easier, de-tangle in the shower immediately after applying a bit of conditioner.

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