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A Brief Guide to the Benefits of Microneedling

You may have heard the term "microneedling" regarding cosmetics but not known what it was. Microneedling has grown in popularity over the past few years and is a process of puncturing the skin with extremely fine needles to increase stimulation, among other benefits. The procedure can be performed at your local salon.

How Does Microneedling Work?

Microneedling uses microscopic needles that are pressed or rolled over a desired area of skin. These tiny punctures, while almost entirely painless, have an immediate effect on the skin. The inflammation caused by the punctures promotes skin cell turnover, increases blood circulation, and helps serums penetrate more deeply when applied to the skin.

It's recommended to have the process done professionally by your aesthetician. They have better equipment and can also monitor your skin to ensure that no damage is being done.

What Are the Benefits?

Microneedling has some immediate benefits, such as creating a plumping and glowing effect on your skin. This is due to the inflammation below the surface and will go away after a few weeks.

However, the best benefits are the long-term effects of microneedling routinely. Microneedling can be used on every skin surface and has been shown in studies to have a range of effects. It can help decrease the appearance of fine lines and acne scarring and increase the elasticity of your skin by helping with cell turnover and collagen growth.

Additionally, the treatment can be used to help with hair loss. The stimulation under the surface of the skin increases blood flow which helps with hair growth. A recent study showed that microneedling might help activate dormant hair follicles.

Are There Any Side Effects?

After microneedling, you should always be extra gentle with your skin. Try to avoid staying out in the sun for too long for the first day, and don't wash your wash with anything harsher than warm water. Additionally, use moisturizers and sunblock after the process. Following these steps will help you avoid most issues.

If you have any skin conditions, you may not handle microneedling as well, so talking to your skin care professional first is essential.

Finally, overdoing microneedling can lead to broken capillaries. So make sure to follow your aesthetician’s suggestions on how often to have it done.

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