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3 Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles to Consider

a bride getting her hair styled

Many brides schedule a trip to the hair salon before their wedding to ensure a perfect look for such a special occasion. A professional stylist has the tools and training to transform your tresses into the style you envision for the big day. If you need some inspiration, below are a few suggestions to discuss with your stylist.

What Hairstyle Should You Choose for Your Wedding?

1. Finger Waves

If you have a short haircut, consider finger waves for your bridal hairstyle. Sections of hair are pinched and curled with fingers to form S-shaped waves.

The locks are held in place with gel to ensure they last throughout the ceremony. This glamorous hairstyle was made popular in the 1920s and 1930s and will complement vintage-style dresses and jewelry.

2. Low Chignon

If you plan to sport statement earrings or show off the intricate neckline of a dress, your stylist might suggest a low chignon. Loose strands are pulled back into a bun that rests at the nape of the neck.

This elegant style will allow you to showcase earrings, necklaces, and the collar or shoulder line of the dress. Your stylist can also incorporate braids into the chignon to add texture to the hairstyle.

3. Loose Braids

For a casual wedding, consider wearing hair in loose waves for a romantic, bohemian look. After a stylist washes your hair, they can let it air-dry to showcase the natural wave pattern.

Applying pomades and finishing sprays will add sheen to locks and combat frizz. If you have straight or fine hair, the stylist can pull locks into a loose Dutch or fishtail braid to add more texture and volume.

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