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3 Haircuts to Give Your Tresses Body

If you have fine or thin hair, it can be hard to give it body. While products can help provide texture, the true secret to plump strands is the right haircut. Here are three styles that will add a bounce to your step—and hair.

Which Haircuts Boost Volume?

1. Bob

Cutting your hair to shoulder- or chin-length helps remove weight, which adds instant volume. Plus, bobs are incredibly versatile, which is why they have remained popular across decades.

There are variations suited for each hair type. For example, a blunt cut allows the ends of curly and wavy strands to stack up on each other to create a fuller look. On the other hand, straight hair benefits from a stacked bob that's shorter in the back and features layers throughout to encourage movement and the illusion of thickness.

2. Shag

Modern shags are all the rage, and luckily for fine-haired individuals, the haircut also creates volume. The style thrives on textured, messy locks with face-framing layers. Razoring layers throughout provides an extra dose of volume for straight locks without natural texture. The combination of these qualities creates small air pockets between strands, which generates fullness. This style works with medium or long hair.

3. Curtain Bangs

Bangs are back in style, but the curtain variation is stealing the show for all hair types and lengths. Cutting your hair in the front lightens the weight on these strands, allowing them to have more body. This also gives the idea of all-over volume. Curtain bangs are longer than traditional fringe, allowing them to be easily tailored to different face shapes.

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