3 Popular Men's Haircuts to Discuss With Your Stylist

A new haircut is a relatively simple way to refresh your look and boost your confidence. Whether you’re excited to start a new job, recently moved somewhere new, or simply want to experiment, there are many popular men’s cuts to discuss with your stylist. Review the following options before heading to your next appointment.

Which Haircut Should You Try Next?

1. Undercut

Long on the top and short on the bottom, the undercut remains popular due to its versatility. The longer strands on the crown of the head make it easy to create impressive pompadours and quiffs.

Even fringe bangs are possible with this look by thinning and texturizing the hair on top. The short sides allow this style to dry quickly after a shower, speeding up your morning routine.

2. Bob

If you have longer locks, tousled hair that flows naturally provides a trendy style that’s easy to maintain. The strands frame the face, emphasizing your natural features. Whether your hair’s thick and curly or thin and straight, a bob can give you an eye-catching look that displays confidence.

To achieve the right look for your hair, ask your stylist to add some layers and help your strands fall into place. A bit of gel can keep your hair away from your face, or a spritz of texturizing spray can create a surfer-like style.

3. College Cut

A men’s haircut with Ivy League roots, the college cut is short in the back and slowly increases in length as you move toward the front of the head. It’s a versatile option because it creates bangs you can wear straight, sweep to the side, or part down the middle.

The look is ideal if you have thick hair but don’t want to keep it too long. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for a casual bedhead look or a dramatic swoop.

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